Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mothers are Powerful!

Mothers are Powerful!

Do you know how powerful you are? Love is powerful, especially the love of a mother for her child! Becoming a mother makes you grow stronger.  Mothers will do things for their child, that they thought they could never do.  Mothers will go to great lengths to keep their children safe...

In Georgia, a teenage boy got trapped under his car, when his jack failed. His mother, lifted the car, weighing approximately 3,500 pounds, and held it up for 5 minutes until help came!

In Ivujivik, Canada, a mother saw a large polar bear heading toward her 7yr old boy and his 2 friends. Without a thought, she ran to the bear and wrestled it to the ground! The bear was approximately 8 feet tall and 700 pounds!

These are true stories, there are many more like this. I've heard it said that the most dangerous place to be is between a mum and her child. A mothers instinct is to protect her child no matter what. This instinct gives her strength beyond normal. You can use this strength as a source of power! It can conquer your fears!

My motherly instinct helped me to get over my fear of talking to new people. I knew for my children's sake I had to get past this fear to build a good life for my kids. There have also been many times when I've spoken up for my children when normally I would be too afraid to say anything.

Do you have any irrational fears?  Irrational fears are fears that don't benefit us, for example - afraid of heights, tight spaces, public speaking etc.  You can conquer your fear, your strength as a mother may help you get past these fears. 
Some mothers are driven by their love for their children to do extraordinary things, or achieve great successes. What things would you like to achieve for yourself and your children?

All that we go through as mums, makes us grow into a stronger person. Do you remember what you were like before you had your child/children? No doubt having a baby turned your life upside down, and also made you grow as a person. You are powerful! You have the strength inside you to build a great life for yourself and your children. Once you believe it - you can achieve it!

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