Wednesday, 27 February 2013

About my book - raising our children with the necessary life skills they need to be happy, successful adults.

We see in the world today, so many people that are struggling with their lives.  They are struggling with money, relationships, emotional problems, weight, purpose etc...

They need life coaching, life coaching is so needed today.  And it is a lot of work turning your life around (although its definitely worth it!)

But... what if, as children, we learned all these skills.  When we were children, we were hard-wired to think the way we think.  The experience we had as children taught us to think and act the way we do today.

It is too late for us to change our past (although you can change your life now), but you can give your children a fantastic start to theirs!

"If we are to reach real peace in this world ... we shall have to begin with the children." - Gandhi

Yes, mothers (and fathers, and all of society) have the power to change the world, by changing how we raise our kids.

Most parents wing it.  They automatically raise their kids the way their parents raised them.  And nothing ever changes.  We accept the way our lives are, as "normal".  You have a choice - to raise your kids consciously.

"our most significant and serious problems, both personal and societal, have their roots in our homes, and that parenting, when it is pursued seriously and thoughtfully, is not only life’s most important career, but its most joyful and fulfilling career." ~ Linda J. Eyre

In the book I will show how a child thinks at various stages of their life, and the most effective ways of teaching them at each stage, according to their level of understanding.  I will show you 10 core life skills that you can teach your child and how.  Your child wont be learning these at school.  With these skills your child will grow up happy, successful, and may never need life coaching!  Imagine that!  Your child will never need life coaching, because they will automatically have these skills that you have programmed into them!

Well I hope you look forward to the book, it will be worth the wait!  I will keep you updated and write more soon.  Subscribe to this blog or my email newsletter to keep updated.

Do you have any questions?

In the mean time, is there any questions you have, or issues you need help with?  Please ask away, I will respond as soon as I can and I may write an article about it.

Thank you to my readers!
I really value you!  I really value mothers and anyone caring for children.  You are doing the most important job in the world and I am passionate about helping you.
Please forward to any mothers you may know that could benefit from this information, thank you!

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